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Walking Trail: Circular
Waterfall Tabayón del Mongayo Asturias Spain
Itinerary: Tarna - Llanu´l Toru Oaks- Tabayón Waterfall - Tarna
Distance: 12.5 Km aprox. round trail
Walking Timescale: 4 1/2 h
Dificulty: Easy
Height Difference: 280 m aprox
On Mountain Bike: No
Kids: Yes, if they are used to walk a bit
Date Completed: 06/05/2012
LocationAntigua Carretera AS-17, 33990 Caso, España

This Walking Route In asturias ( Spain )  is one of the most beautiful and accessible of Redes Natural Park .... The flora of the area is rich in white heather, beech and birch. There are also lots of holly trees. The fauna which can be found is the same as in the rest of the park, which include the brown bear, the Cantabrian capercaillie, the Egyptian vulture and the royal eagle. "To which should also be added ancient oak trees of Llanu 'l Toru .

Video of the Waterfall. The Tabayón.

The village of Tarna, starting point of the route is 80 km from Oviedo and 86 from Gijón. To get there, see Location. Before reaching Tarna, we began to enjoy the scenery of the councils of Sobrescobio and Caso, with its pretty villages and a spectacular landscapes of mountains and valleys. In Campo de Caso, district capital, you can visit the Interpretation Centre and Visitor Reception  of Redes Natural Park, and from there, and after 16 km, we are to reach our destination. From Campo de Caso the road gets 100% mountain road, with what that implies ... we can not stop looking at the mountains and peaks appearing at every turn, but i must not take my eyes off the road so, to the relief of my copilot, I devote myself to to drive, and she to enjoy the great scenery...

Topographic map of the route. In any case, the route is well marked, and shortly after passing the Campona Cottage, we´ll see the sign indicating a change of direction to the left, and after crossing the Brook Mongallu, In a few meters we´ll reach the base of the Cascade.

Here you have this other map in Google Earth, facing south-north, to give you a visual idea of ​​the entire walking route.
Mapa de la Ruta del Tabayón

Church Square where we left the car and took a small café in the bar Nalón (house bottom right), before starting the Hiking route.
Pueblo de Tarna Asturias
Iglesia parroquial de San Pedro de Tarna

Route explanatory Panel: "Declared a natural monument in 2003, is a waterfall of 60 m which can only be accessed on foot, following the route marked PR.AS-60, from the village of Tarna goes through a spectacular beech forest to culminate under Tabayón.
Panel explicativo de la ruta

About 100 meters from the village square, at the entrance of the village, you will find the beginning of the route with two separate panels, on this photo, the one which outlines the route, and the one below with the map and the profile of the hiking trail

Here you have an expansion of the route profile and the types of orientation marks that we will meet along the way.

After a km or so, we reach this bifurcation, where we decided to deviate from the main path and go left to "LLanu'l Toru" to see the wonderful forest and Ancient Oaks we found. Afterwards we would have to backtrack to get back to this bifurcation and continue the path to the waterfall...

...The beginning of the wonderful beech forest, steep, steep ... and up...
Hayedo del Llanu´l Toru

As you see, the forest is signposted correctly because otherwise we could have get lost ... but it was not the case (the gps also helped eh?)
Hayedo Monte Rebollu del Llanu´l Toru, con marcas de la ruta a seguir cada pocos metros

Here you see me going up, it was hard in some stretches.
Hayedo Monte Rebollu del Llanu´l Toru, llegando al primer roble centenario

Here's the first big oak ... impressive eh?
 Primer Roblón

The first big oak we found, from another perspective.

And this is the second one ...
Roblón sin chica

Roblón con chica

Back down in the  amazing meadow ... 

Going towards our goal: Mongayu Waterfall.

The Cantu'l Oso Mountain...

If there is water ... there are bridges (nearly always), and this is one of the several that we crossed ...

View of the waterfall from above ... seems to be right there, but we still have a stretch ...
Waterfall Tabayón del Mongayo Asturias - Walking Spain
Waterfall Tabayón del Mongayo Asturias Spain

Another photo of "Cantu del Oso Mountain", with a little more zoom.

More water ...
Waterfall Tabayón del Mongayo Asturias - Walking Spain
Tabayón del Mongallu Asturias - Spain

Waterfall Tabayón del Mongayo Asturias - Walking Spain
Waterfall.  Tabayón del Mongallu Asturias - Spain

We are one step away from the waterfall, the constant sound of water is everywhere ...
Waterfall Tabayón del Mongayo Asturias - Walking Spain
Cascade. Tabayón del Mongallu Asturias

Photography "Tiatordos peak", omnipresent along most of the route, but not was seen in all its greatness to the last part of the route.
Pico Tiatordos 

Here it is. In the video you can see the sound of water falling over 60 m ...
Walking Spain - Waterfall Tabayón del Mongayo Asturias
Waterfall. Tabayón del Mongallu Tarna Asturias - Spain

Walking Spain - Waterfall Tabayón del Mongayo Asturias
Waterfall. Tabayón del Mongallu Tarna Asturias

Mountain meadow "La Campona" where we decided to do the circular route and not returning by the same path ... ... (good choice by the way!). It is just to the left of the photo. In the background, if you are aware, there are two people walking, right where we had come before (that's what almost everyone does, returning by the same path).
Majada La Campona

This section of the trail is muddy most of the time, water runs everywhere, but it is also true, that is pleasing to see so much life around (water is a gift). My boots permeated a little (Waterproff? I was Teased!)
Hayedo Monte Saperu

Majada el Rebollau

Here definitively, after crossing the bridge, there is no alternative but getting a bit into the river. The dam of stones placed by the locals, had disappeared, due to the amount of water ... so, getting wet again!

Shortly after crossing the river, we ascend by a path until reaching the road leading up to Tarna, and about 30 m to the right, we will take another path to the right that will lead us straight to the starting point of the hiking trail .
Río Nalón cerca de su nacimiento en la Fuene La Nalona

The rest of the trail runs thus: meadows and farms on both sides of the trail, sometimes quite narrow, and the water gushing out everywhere. It is worthwhile ... We arrived at the village, right across from where we left at first. The route is well signposted all the time, it is impossible to get lost, even in the beech forest  going up to see the oak trees. If you have time, do the entire route, because it really is worth it. Until next time travelers!!.
Cantu del Oso con el Monte Saperu en pimer término. Llegando a nuestro destino

Greetings and enjoy it ...



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